Why Hair Analysis



Why Hair Analysis Instead of Blood

Comparison of Blood, Saliva, Urine, Stool & Bio-scanners
Urine is only useful for a 12 to 24 hour period. It is very inaccurate, especially with larger variations in diet. Urine basically reveals which minerals are pushed out of the body not what is absorbed for cellular fuel. Urine is useful for amino acid, bacteria, pH measurement.

Saliva is not directly correlated with the body’s specific mineral content in the cells. It is useful for hormone testing.

Stool has no direct correlation with the body’s specific mineral content in cells but can be used as validation for digestive problems in other testing.

Blood is not scientifically viable for baseline nutrition measurement. There is continuing controversy among leading nutritional scientists concerning its exact nutritional indicators. Blood can give allergy indications and much pathology (disease) information but little benefit for nutrition.

Bio-scanners have much greater general scientifically acceptable correlation with the body’s specific cellular mineral content.

Red Blood Cells only reflect an “approximate picture of an individual’s mineral status.”* Isolated immune cells give more precise results but analyzing them is prohibitively expensive for most. Also, neither type of blood specimen demonstrates actual cellular storage levels over a meaningful period of time (1 day to 1 week maximum). Blood does not clearly hold and show long term heavy metal toxic levels or provide a precise picture of toxins that are accumulating on the outside of the body.

Hair Analysis using hair follicles is “the best specimen for the broadest base-line screening of natural minerals and toxic metals in the body.”** After 40 years of research, data and positive medical outcomes, hair analysis has now emerged as the most practical method of testing mineral balance in your body.

** Hair analysis also provides the most long-term information (8 – 12 weeks) about how the body actually holds on to the most essential 37 minerals, including toxic ones.

Clearly, by any standard of comparison, hair analysis testing can be used as the most complete regenerative wellness
assessment and clinical nutrition tool for the
detection and correction of all cellular nutrition imbalances.

Advanced BioCell’s associate laboratories have compared hair analysis tests taken from individuals to their urine, blood, saliva, stool, soft tissue, calorimetric studies (calorie measurements) and scanners for all nutrients, in order to “sort out all discrepancies, fully correlate results and extrapolate dependable international norms for maximum therapeutic value.”**
Life – and regenerative wellness – is a balanced state that begins:
At the cellular level

Advanced BioCell’s nutrition testing laboratory affiliations places us among the world leaders in hair tissue mineral analysis and re-balance mineral testing, research and technology. Our network of natural medicine physicians connects the research information generated from an average of 5,000 technical articles published weekly to each client. This constant flow of updated information supports the reliability and advancement of hair tissue mineral analysis, as well as the latest nutrition and laboratory science literature and internet medical information.

*James A. Bralley, PhD C.C.N. and Richard S. Lord, PhD
**David L. Watts, D.C., PhD, F.A.C.E.P

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