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Advanced Mental Nutrition

A unique enhanced mental nutrition can immediately boost focus, energy and mood within 30 minutes of ingesting. It is packed with rare and premium nutrients that also support long term brain health.

A carefully crafted blend of over 40 premium mental nutrients include: anti-inflammatories, adaptogens and choline donors to promote peak brainpower.

Feed Your Brilliance

We’ve all experienced burnout, brain fog, low mood and mental exhaustion. Everything from poor diet & nutrition to stress to air toxins diminish the potential of your brainpower.

Your Life’s Potential Relies on Your Mind. Feed it Well.
Your mental ability involves many factors which must be addressed in relation to one another. For example, having mental energy won’t result in accomplishments unless you have sustained focus to go with it. Improving your mood is a plus, but not if it kills your ability to be creative.
To actually improve all these desired abilities together requires a deep understanding of the relationship between all chemical and electrical pathways of the brain and body.

Qualia.The formula that expertly balances the desired brain power abilities.

All I can say is WOW. I got my monthly subscription three days ago and dove right in. I took Qualia for only two days (cycling off today, Sunday) but ! woke up the nevi mornings, Ike today, still feeling the post live effects. For me brain fog gone, mood lifted and procrastination finished. I’m now totally motivated to do all sons of things, in both my business and personal fife, and I’m actually doing them!

Daniel Leffler

You can’t put a price on the mental clarity I get from this. Its taken my meditation to the nextvel.11’s taken my journaling practiffeAto more reatice direction. I’m more focused at work – I actually WANT‘o get things done. My brain fog Cobwebs are loosened up. All this during my first week.

Eric Szczerbaty

I’m on my second day of doing this And I have seen a change. Pure energy and motivation all day. Usually after working all day on wind towers I’m tired then my boys wear me out. Now after I put them to bed I’m studying and researching my next troubleshooting task for the nest day think I will take less of the stage I as I had trouble falling asleep last night but overall I’m pleased with it so far.

Thomas Gaynor

Qualia has significantly improved my discipline, focus, processing speed, energy, creativity, and mood. I’m accomplishing more in a shorter amount of time and providing better, more thoughtful/nuanced service to my clients. No more brain fog or overwhelm. I finish things I start. I make my bed every day (yes Mom, it’s true). I’m even having more lucid dreams, which are forging new connections to the Muse. My assessment in a nutshell: Qualia decreases entropy, which in turn enhances consciousness. To me, this is a breakthrough (and a turn-on). Big thumbs up from this satisfied customer:

Bonnie Solomon

IQxtreme is an all-herbal product to enhance cognitive function. It is an all-natural organic food supplement. 


Neurological well-being, focus, mental clarity, enhanced cognitive function, creativity, recall, memory restoration, cortisol balance, depression, ADD, brain chemical balance, stress, anxiety, emotional imbalance, irritability, aggressiveness, addiction, hangover, Dementia, Alzheimer and other Neurological concerns. 
Aids in remembering Classes and Lectures. Improves concentration, enhances Learning Ability and Optimum Brain Power. 


  • May restore normal brain function for individuals with ADD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & other neurological concerns
  • May reduce cortisol level – a main cause of anxiety, stress, forgetfulness, depression
  • May eliminate constipation and promote regular toxin excretion
  • May make remembering easier
  • May help faster recovery, including sports injury, surgery, etc.

Intake: 2 pills in am on empty stomach / 1 – 2 pills as desired in afternoon

“Instant brain power! Focus, concentration, recall … what a help! Wish I tried it sooner. I jump in and get my projects done, I feel really motivated.”

– Terri, RN

“IQxtreme is part of my daily routine. It’s like plugging my brain into a high energy circuit – my thinking gets brighter almost instantly.”

– Michael, CEO

“Amazing to have all my words flow so easily, I feel like my thinking is ‘sharp as a tack.’ Wow …”

– John, Entrepreneur

“Best brain boost I’ve found – I’ve tried many; it feels like effortless thinking, thoughts come easily, no more ‘trying to remember’ things. Feels like ‘the lights are on’ in my head!”

– Amy, Business Owner


Give Clean Lasting Energy
Enhance Mental & Athletic Performance
Boost Memory & Productivity
Promote Alertness & Focus


When you are tired and low on energy, even the simplest task seems like an enormous burden. Thinking, acting, and even feeling is difficult when your energy is low. Pound for pound the brain uses the most energy of any organ. There are many energy shots, drinks, and so-called energy solutions but none are as firmly rooted in supporting the organ that needs the energy the most, your brain, as Qualia Nootropic Energy. This shot delivers 12 different nutrients to enhance your energy and brain health. Take it every day or just when you need to perform at your peak.

12 high purity nutrients to fuel energy & cognition

• 9 Nootropic compounds
• 3 Adaptogen extracts
• 2 NAD Boosters
• 1 Choline Donor

Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot 
was formulated by taking into account which brain functions, neurochemical systems, and physiological processes we could target to quickly boost cognitive performance. Years of research led to this formula containing nootropic compounds, vitamins, amino acids, fruit extracts, and herbal extracts that work well together in supporting a fast enhancement in mental energy, focus, cognitive processing capacity, and productivity.