Stem Cell Facial

How does a Stem Cell Facial work?

Advanced BioCell uses stem cells derived from dermal white fat tissue and utilizes pure human cells and proteins to rejuvenate skin surfaces. They perform the same basic functions in the skin as nature intended.

Our stem cells REPAIR RECONSTRUCT and REPLACE skin tissue and supplement natural skin functions.

They contain the same cytokines and growth factors-including COLLAGEN, ELASTIN, HYALURONIC ACID, PROTEINS. ANOPARTICLES and HUMAN DERIVED CELLULAR FACTORS which are present in healthy skin to help heal defects in
damaged portions of the skin.

Our stem cells provide cushioning and support for skin tissue, store energy in the form of lipids and add to the structure of the skin.

It can be used for the repair of cosmetic defects in the skin, repair of injured skin due to surface wounds, as well as provide structural components that may assist in the filling of gaps in the skin structure and hair follicles.

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