Cocoon | 5G* & EMF Protection


The COCOON technology mirrors the Earth’s 7.83 Hz magnetic field and transmits this sinus wave throughout your home. Our breakthrough COCOON technology brings the natural life force frequency directly to you and your family.

The same frequency that life was born from billions of years ago.

The same frequency that provides nourishment and life to all living things today.

The same frequency that if it were to cease to exist – would end life on Earth.



An at-home device that taps into the Earth’s natural magnetic field and neutralizes the negative information of e-smog fields arising from electricity. We’re creating a cocoon around your home and fueling your body with the bioresonance needed to achieve maximum vitality and resilience.

And this all happens because the COCOON emits an electromagnetic sine wave that sends positive, biologically relevant frequencies to your cells that produce life-changing potential.