Amino Acids

Amino Acids: The Body’s Building Blocks

What Is Your Cellular Age?

Proteins are the ‘gears’ that make cells capable of doing their work. Every cell contains thousands of proteins.

Amino acids are the basic structural unit of proteins and are second only to water in human muscle, cells, tissues and organs.

Almost everyone is protein deficient without realizing it – playing out as a nagging injury that won’t heal, brittle bones in the menopausal woman or constant colds in a child. Protein deficiency is very often something you are aware of but you just can’t identify and neither does your doctor. Not getting enough protein may mean low hormones or a low immune system and risk of disease or cancer. So what’s the solution?

Perfect Blend Aminos is a MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern) supplement that is 99% utilized by the body to make protein. No other form of protein comes close.

Body Structures Are Made of Protein


As the body structures are made of protein – which plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes – proteins are made of amino acids. In children, adults and seniors the daily requirement of amino acids must be met. Even if you’re eating a healthy diet, it should be supplemented with a potent amino acid for you to move well and perform your best.

A recent German study revealed that older people in particular are more prone to suffering from malnutrition. “If the body is lacking in the minimum energy and nutrients, the body cannot carry out its bodily and mental functions. Without the necessary vitamins, proteins (amino acids), trace elements and minerals, there is a risk of debilities and metabolic disorders which can have serious consequences.”

Who Benefits From Aminos

Children – Growing bodies need essential amino acids as many children don’t eat enough quality protein to meet their body’s requirements to allow for optimum growth, bones, immune health and intelligence.

Menopausal Women -Most are protein deficient with the result being symptoms such as, fatigue, altered mood, poor sleep, dull hair, fragile finger nails and bone loss.

Athletes – During exercise and training, structural proteins in the body are damaged causing soreness. Essential Aminos in abundance do the repair.

Vegetarians / Vegans – Almost all vegetarians are protein deficient. Even with the many health benefits of a vegetarian diet, without the protein there is poorer performance and health. PerfectAminos are vegan and kosher.


Weight Loss – The key to weight loss is taking in fewer calories than those that are burned. PerfectAminos allow saving 300 – 600 calories per day which enables weight to be lost more quickly.

Fatigue – Energy production is protein dependent. The parts of the cell that make energy out of food are made of protein and the enzymes that actually create the energy particle, ATP, are made of protein.

Pregnant Women – Their protein needs are much higher. With essential amino acids, to protect their bodies from breaking down, these women can build a better baby and preserve their lean body tissue

Lowered Immune – Much of the immune system depends on protein. Immune cells manufacture proteins that are protective forces in the body
to ward off infections and protect us. Insufficient protein can mean the immune system may be operating at lower levels.

Detoxing – All the detox pathways in the body are dependent on essential amino acids. A lack of essential Aminos results in a slower and more difficult detox.

Osteoporosis / Bone Loss – Bones are made of protein structure (collagen) and the minerals on top of that. When the protein is not laid down or preserved, the mineral is lost and bone density decreases.

Seniors – They almost always have protein malnutrition. There is often low stomach acid which leads to impaired protein digestion, poor teeth (making it difficult to chew meat) and they tend to eat less quality protein than required. This leads to weak muscles, easier falls, soft bones with increased risk of fracture, low neurotransmitter levels that can cause depression, poor memory and poor sleep.

Post-Op – After surgery, protein need are much higher to enable the body to heal

Liver / Kidney Disease – While requiring a restricted protein diet due to problems eliminating nitrogen, this can lead to body breakdown, immune suppression and premature death. Essential Aminos produce less than 1% nitrogen waste making them the perfection option.


When first starting with Perfect Blend Aminos, it is recommended to ‘front load’ for 2 weeks. This dosage is 5 pills in am and 5 pills mid-afternoon. Then follow the intake instructions below.

Normal | 5 – 10 tablets 30 minutes before training, with food (no fats or protein) Intensive | 10 tablets 30 minutes before training, with food (no fats or protein) | additional 10 tablets later in day Chronic Illness | 10 tablets 2 – 3x / day (wait 30 minutes before eating fats or protein)

Normal | 5 – 8 tablets 30 minutes before training with food (no fats or protein) Intensive | same as above | additional 4 – 6 tablets later in the day Chronic Illness | 5 – 8 tablets 2 – 3x / day (wait 30 minutes before eating fats or protein)

Up to 1 tablet for every 5 lbs of body weight, not to exceed 30 tablets / day