Auto Infusion Technology

Comprehensive Integrative Natural Medicine Treatment

Oxygenation – delivery of oxygen through a proprietary method of administration to oxygenate every cell, tissue & organ of the body with a unique concentration of gas delivery. All degenerative disease occurs in an oxygen depleted or hypoxic environment at the cellular level. Our technologies will reverse this hypoxic condition and start to normalize both arterial and venous PO2 levels. With the delivery of oxygen in a form that can be assimilated and utilized at the cellular and intracellular levels mitochondrial function begins to normalize and the energy production is optimized.

We have several different methods of administration which will totally flood the body with the proprietary form of oxygen to enhance cleansing, purification, pathogen removal, cellular regeneration, pH adjustment and detoxification at all levels throughout the body.

Detoxification – elimination of toxic build up which will enhance the function of the natural detoxification pathways, including colon, kidney & liver function. Our technologies and therapies break down the toxins into a form which can be eliminated through these normal detoxification pathways.

Hydration – almost all degenerative processes occur in a state of dehydration. This dehydration further contributes to toxic build up throughout the body. Using our proprietary hydrating solutions, we enhance proper cellular function through appropriate hydration and subsequent cellular detoxification.

pH Adjustment – all degenerative disease tends to occur in an acidic environment due to both respiratory and metabolic dysfunction. Our technologies and therapies assist the body to shift to an alkaline pH and overcome the acidity caused by metabolic and respiratory inefficiency.

Elimination of Pathogens – the buildup of various forms of pathogenic organisms create an accumulation of bacterial and viral organisms which begin to evolve into various pleomorphic forms. These organisms compromise the body’s natural immune function and must be eliminated if we are to normalize and optimize cellular function. Our technologies and therapies will eliminate all forms of pathogens and enhance the body’s natural immune function and capability to eliminate future degenerative disease-causing factors.

Nutrient Delivery – nutrient delivery of all different forms is accomplished through a proprietary method of administration of vitamins, minerals that can be utilized and assimilated also at cellular and intracellular level to enhance and optimize cellular tissue and organ function and repair.

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The Goal

It is imperative to eliminate the myriad of specific causative and contributory factors if we are to adequately treat any degenerative disease process within the body.

Those that are interested in best practices will find great value in the reverse-aging and health-enhancing potentials in this life-changing approach to deep rejuvenation.

In truth, from several perspectives, without this treatment one leaves themselves open to further complications and health issues.

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