Lucid Microdosing is both a compliment and an alternative to conventional compound-based Microdosing protocols. The uniquely crafted (eyes closed) light and sound stimulations may be stacked with your dose day compounds or, for whatever reason, used as an effective biophysical alternative. Furthermore, every Lucid Microdose session has a built-in brain wave theme to optimize your protocol outcomes. All four most popular protocols are built into Lucid Microdose for easy scheduling.

The NeuroVIZR product is a home-use, personal wearable device. The device is sold directly to the consumer as an “over-the-counter” purchase and is not considered a medical device. The unit is placed on the head in a position similar to a standard Virtual Reality (VR) device.

The NeuroVIZR has a plate with nine (9) cool-blue/white LED diodes situated directly in front of the eyes of the user. Importantly, the NeuroVIZR device is used with the eyes closed at all times.

Normally, the NeuroVIZR device is coupled with either audio headphones or earbuds. The experience is a combination of integrated light and sound stimulation. Both the light and sound stimulations are created by flickering and/or pulsed signals. The audio component may also include musical qualities normally referred to as “mood framing”. The device is intended to provide attractive versions of multi-sensory enrichment which are expected to enhance positive neuroplastic responses in the brain. The experience could be considered as being “creative entertainment” or “consciousness exploration”

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Brain exercise disguised as entertainment

The NeuroVIZR is a home-use, personal wearable device.
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