Natural Medicine Physicians

Natural Medicine Physicians

James Hopson

James Hopson

An Acupuncturist by training, James Hopson tells his clients that stress doesn’t just affect the brain. It can also impact the way our bodies regulate minerals and long-term chronic stress can lead to severe nutritional and mineral imbalances along with a general degradation of our entire body and systems.

Expert in the use of the Russian bio-electrical medical device, the Blue Opal along with the CyberScan Tesla/Skalar technology, James knows that by measuring the minerals present in the body along with on overall bodily energy and frequency assessment, we can accurately understand where we are in the stress cycle.

With this deep dive into assessing all body-related systems, organs, glands, bones, infections and cellular integrity, he helps clients make better choices on their road to regaining or optimizing their health.

James directs plainly that what the body needs is food and food based-supplementation more specifically targeted to its unique oxidation cycle (i.e. how our cells generate energy by metabolizing proteins, fats and carbohydrates). Without it, we’re simply not getting the nourishment we might think we are. Understanding this important detail, along with his energy | frequency assessments, helps him in determining the most appropriate nutrition, supplementation and behavioral plans to bring a person’s brain and body back into balance.

Dr. Har Hari Khalsa

Holistic Medicine

Dr. Har Hari Khalsa has been a practicing holistic chiropractor since 1988 when he graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic college. Dr. Har Hari’ s healing journey and medical/healing has been developing ever since. He continually brings the most progressive and leading-edge products and devices to his clients. With 25 years studying directly under Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, Dr. Khalsa gained invaluable experience and wisdom in the realm of yogic healing.

With this broad and deep background, Dr. Har Hari Khalsa brings more than 30 years studying many disciplines in the holistic medical field to Advanced BioCell.

Dr. Jeffrey James

Spinal Decompression

Dr. James has created a centralized protocol that enables patients to avoid the routine of shuffling back and forth between primary care physicians, specialists, and other therapists which can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary treatment approach for chronic sufferers, Dr. James’ approach enables each patient to have access to specialists from a variety of fields, working together as a team. As this integrated program gives patients easier access to multiple providers, their compliance increases and the result is more successful treatment outcomes.

Dr. James is regularly called upon as an expert on TV and radio and has appeared on shows such as Geraldo, Dateline, KLOS, KLSX and KFI. He hosted, “Talking Back” on KTLA. He is a much in demand speaker throughout the US on chiropractic neurology approaches to the causes of pain and physiological dysfunction. Dr. James has successfully treated and inspired thousands with his knowledge, warmth and personal touch as well as his no-nonsense and highly effective approach to healing.

Dr. Jeffrey James, holds degrees in Doctor of chiropractic D.C., B.S. in Microbiology and is a Board certified chiropractic neurologist D.A.C.N.B. His Post Graduate education includes being Board eligible as a Fellow in Functional Neurology FACFN / as a Fellow in Neuro Chemistry and Nutrition FABNN, CABNN and as a Fellow in Vestibular Rehabilitation FABVR. He has completed sub-specialty training in functional medicine, blood chemistry, neurotransmitters, functional endocrinology, thyroid disorders and autoimmunity.

Dr. James and his staff represent the Gold Standard in pain relief and management for Advanced BioCell clients.

Dr. Rex Wilson

Energy | Frequency Medicine

In Memoriam

Dr. Wilson specializes in facilitating the body’s own ability to heal itself with food ingredients (diet, vitamin, mineral, herbal and homeopathic combinations) through a variety of nutritional and energetic testing. Measuring nutritional body chemistry and body system functions represents the final mega-trend in wholistic natural healing, longevity, beauty and fitness.

Dr. Wilson is a graduate of National College of Naturopathic Medicine, generally considered the Harvard of natural medicine.

The Advanced BioCell use of mineral analysis testing is that of restoring each individual’s health by rejuvenating cellular dysfunction through hair analysis which measures imbalances and then the orthomolecular treatment of targeted cellular nutrition therapy to reset personal health. This begins with body chemistry and continues with energy and frequency medicine which includes treatment with CyberScan, the ultimate regenerative wellness biofeedback technology in the world.

Conventional medicine references are provided, as needed.

This model of full-scope personal cellular nutrition assessment represents the most advanced and comprehensive version of regenerative wellness available.