Advanced BioCell is where you can finally know exactly what specific foods and targeted cellular nutrition your body actually needs to move well, reset your health, get your body back to it’s health blue-print and feel good.

There is a place where your health begins. You are filled with energy, you move easily and nothing hurts. Getting your body back to it’s health blue-print means making certain you are taking in exactly the cellular nutrition (what your body takes in from food and uses for nourishment) your body says, through mineral analysis, that it needs to feel that again.

More than a good idea, this is the science of Orthomolecular Treatment (therapeutic cellular nutrition).

Imagine that. With all the super-foods, diets, vitamins and eating programs we’re being sold, Advanced BioCell is a system where you can find out from your own body which foods and supplements your body actually needs and will use to feel great, be active and live well.

If your body could tell you what it needed from foods, vitamins and supplements, the report from this mineral analysis testing is what it would say.

What’s different with Advanced BioCell is that through hair analysis, you measure your own body chemistry. The whole idea is you need to know what imbalances you’re living with first so they can be reset. Using hair analysis testing, the ABC reset system identifies the specific nutrients, which, if lacking, excessive or fighting in the body lead to cellular dysfunction and dis-ease. This is why you have no energy, go up and down with weight, have brain fog, can’t digest food properly or suffer from any of the more than 223 degenerative diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and all the illnesses you’re sold remedies for on TV and in magazines.

What you want to do is let your body get back to blue-print. It’s kind of a body chemistry re-boot. Everyone wants to move well throughout our life.

The ABC Reset system is proven science. It is founded in Orthomolecular Treatment. There is no more guessing which foods, vitamins and supplements your body actually needs. You can re-balance your body chemistry and reset your cellular dysfunction. This is simply the most precise way to be in control of how to move well and feel good.

The Advanced BioCell Reset hair analysis system is based on 65 years of scientifically-proven orthomolecular (having the right molecules in the right amount) treatment research (measuring biochemical imbalances and correcting them with what’s in food). It sounds fancy but it’s very simple and there’s nothing more basic than giving your body the exact cellular nutriention it needs to support your best health and movement.

There’s a lot of confusing information floating around about what foods will help you live forever, what to eat for better sex, what to eat for your blood-type or body-type, who’s diet plan was on Oprah… Mineral analysis testing is a chance to scientifically measure what’s going on with your own body chemistry and get reset. This is the end of hoping and guessing. Feeling good and moving well begins here.


We’ll be putting out regular gems of information about how balancing your body chemistry with a nutrition test allows your body to self-heal from most all of the ailments people suffer from. Please send this along to your friends and family, if you think they’ll want to know which foods and supplements your body actually needs and easily take control of how they feel and get their body back to blue-print.

Please contact us with questions and comments, we can help a little…. or a lot.

Ask you body what it needs to move well, heal and feel good. We’ll tell you what it says.

Personalized Cellular Nutrition. The Power To Move You.