Cellular nutrition for skin is how we can take care of what is considered to be the protective “outer wrap” of the body. As the largest organ, skin is designed to contain and protect the body from the outside world keeping what’s inside from getting out and what’s outside from getting in. The skin’s 5 layer closed waterproof barrier is miraculously designed to keep harmful things out of the body especially germs and dirt.

The skin gives shape and beauty to the entire body. As the largest working organ of the body, the skin has many vital functions. First and most importantly is heat regulation and insulation. Without skin, we could not survive the environment. Without proper nutrition for skin, it will fail you both in appearance and function.

Like any other living organ, tissue or cell, skin has a greatly integrated role as part of the entire functioning of the body – doing specifically what it does best that is different from all the rest of the body cells, tissues and organs; this requires a unique and specific blend of nutrients (what’s in food that the body uses for nourishment). So, best nutrition for skin requires highly specific cellular nutrition in proper proportions. These nutrients are different than those needed by other types of organs or cells that make up the brain, bone or muscle. Certain toxins can also dramatically affect the skin in ways that are different from other types of organs. For example, bone cells require more calcium than any other tissue to do their tasks whereas too much calcium in skin cells will dry them out causing the skin to wrinkle and reduce blood flow and leads to premature aging. When it comes to toxins, Arsenic causes skin rashes but does not affect the bone. Knowing what is in and under your skin is the key to maintaining beautiful skin and highlights the crucial importance of precise skin nutrition.

Insuring the nutritional balance that’s best for your unique body (and skin) is not as simple as a one-size fits all approach such as taking a multiple vitamin or using a special cream. We’ve been told to take more of a skin-specific essential vitamins such as zinc or the vitamin Pantothenic Acid (B5) to nourish our skin. In reality, orthomolecular treatment has determined that the zinc or B5 we take orally may never actually reach the skin cells and may in fact be rejected if it does reach them. This could actually be due to an excess of calcium, sodium, nickel, and copper in your skin along with deficiencies of magnesium, iron and phosphorous depending an individual’s system. Abnormalities in the body’s vitamin A, C, E, D, amino acids, fatty acids, and even toxins are created by diet and nutritional supplements that are not precisely matched to your body’s needs in the short and long terms.*

What about those strange ingredients like titanium dioxide or isopropyl palmitate that you see on the labels? Using topical treatments that are high in copper when more zinc is needed or ingesting ProVitamin A or Retinoic Acid when more GLA and E are needed is a mistake. That’s why a personalized approach is the most important factor for the beauty and radiant longevity of healthy skin. Isn’t it time to end this guesswork?*

You can start by accessing the medically proven Advanced BioCell Reset system and order your own mineral anlaysis test. The ABC reset test relies on hair follicle specimens from which we can scientifically measure precisely which nutritional and toxic imbalances are causing trouble in your body and skin. From there, Orthomolecular Treatment can quickly reset imbalances with a personalized cellular nutrition and supplement design by the laboratory specifically for each individual analysis. This information can also help decide which topical preparations are better or worse for your personalized skin nutrition program. The net result is radiantly superior skin thanks to superior skin nutrition from the inside and on your skin.

Ask your body what it needs to move well, heal and feel good. Your skin has something to tell you.