True scientific anti-aging cellular nutrition means measuring which Orthomolecular Treatments (foods, vitamins and minerals) will support your continuing regenerative wellness so that your body is less subject to the wear and tear of every day living. After that, you can then target particular nutrients (what’s in food that your body uses for nourishment) that boost your body’s ability to maintain the proper vitamin and mineral saturation for your best chances of staying active and living the longest.

This all enables your body to make the most amount of energy with the least amount of food. With the greater body chemistry balance comes better health, better movement and feeling good as you set the stage for living long due to sustained cellular nutrition support of your body.

So then, how long can you live?

Life is more than just about living long; it’s about being radiantly healthful while feeling, being and moving well; having strong, sustained energy, no illness, without excess fat build-up or discomforts of any kind, with mental clarity and peace of mind, a strong body and an enhanced spirit. Isn’t being able to move well and feeling good as much of your life as possible what really matters the most? This is what the healing profession calls quality of life.

The real question is, if you can live longer and better why have low expectations for yourself when there’s actually so much more ‘life, movement and living’ available to you? Why not be able to do things at 60 that you’ve thought were only possible for a person half that age who was in shape? Why not be participating in an over-70 bodybuilding competition or masters triathlon — it’s being done more and more by “young” seniors. So what’s their secret?

You could call it anti-aging cellular nutrition.

Beyond avoiding premature aging by having higher life-span expectations, part of the secret is in avoiding pharmaceutical dependency: not having to take one drug to wake up, one drug to remember your name, one to lose weight, one to run your thyroid or lower cholesterol, one to sleep, one for depression, one to have sex, one to suppress allergies, one for headaches, one for blood thinning, one for hair loss, one for frequent upset stomachs, one to go to the bathroom, and the list goes on. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is now classifying the side effect complications from the long-term use of correctly prescribed compounding medications as a leading cause of premature and preventable death in the US.

Another part of the secret to anti-aging is to stay away from doctors, pharmaceuticals and surgeries. Why do so many people end up having to wear adult diapers and get around in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank? The idea is to prevent debilitating diseases. Life is about being active, feeling and looking vital and alive.

The most important part of the real key to greater anti-aging is found in a different approach called: regenerative wellness. While emergency medicine is very valuable, the practice of quick-fix directed, medical pill-popping and dangerous, irreversible surgeries in large part only serves to worsen the human life experience. The risks always outweigh the benefits of the break and fix, symptom-relief approach to regenerative wellness. More life to your years and more years to your life is the medical cellular nutrition goal.

The first and most important step to correct and reverse the root cause of premature aging is cellular nutrition. Using this exacting biotechnology, UCLA postulates that we could and should live to be 166 years old, in the best of energetic health imaginable. Michael Crawford, PhD. & David Marsh, PhD. the authors of The Driving Force – Food, Evolution and the Future, believe that this same step will literally save the civilized world and the human race from premature extinction:

The key to slowing the causes of aging and preventing illness is to directly measure through mineral analysis. This enables you to know your body chemistry and cell dysfunction to determine the body’s most current nutrient and toxic ‘holding patterns’ (what your body hold on to) by taking a nutritional test. Every mineral, vitamin, toxin, cell regulator, amino/fatty/organic acid and the like, needs to be measured within the body because it is in these imbalances that longevity enhancement can be found. This is the essence of anti-aging nutrition.

More imbalances = decreased wellness, energy and longevity.

Fewer imbalances = radiant health…in most all cases.

99.48% percent of Americans tested in this way exhibit more deficiencies, excesses and imbalances of these nutrients/toxins than any other of over 72 countries in the world that use these tests. A person’s chance of getting these nutrients in the proper balances by guessing their way through diets and supplements and relying on conventional medical tests is over 99 to 1 against a positive outcome. These advanced orthomolecular hair analysis tests let you know instead of guess.

The second step is simply to reset whatever imbalances are found to genetically advanced standards by using medically proven hair analysis nutrition systems developed by the laboratories. These are the ABCs (Advanced BioCesll Reset system) that are the basis of anti-aging nutrition.

Anti-aging cellular nutrition is the Orthomolecular Treatment proven route to a longer better life.