Measurement Graph

Hair Mineral Analysis

Mineral Levels

These measurements show which of the crucial 37 minerals in your body are too high, too low, fighting against vitamins or toxic.
What this mineral imbalance shows is that from mineral patterns like these, illness and dis-ease can ‘find an opportunity’ to break through the immune system’s defenses. Then, ‘all of a sudden,’ you have a symptom, you can’t move well, you have brain fog and feel tired.

But in truth, nothing is ever all of a sudden. There is always all that you did to get there.

In this case, it’s what you’ve been eating. It’s also the cellular nutrition you’ve been missing.

With simple, convenient and practical changes to your food, vitamin and mineral choices, along with on-going tracking of your body chemistry
through hair analysis, you can restore your personal cellular nutrition into balance. This enables your body to self-heal and reset cell dysfunction.
This is how you can move well, live long and feel good.

Resetting chemical imbalances through mineral analysis is the goal of the Advanced BioCell cellular nutrition therapy program.

Move well with the Power of Cellular Nutrition. Feeling good is a balancing act.