Disease Tendency Sheet

Healthy Cells Slow the Aging Process

Illness Tendency sheet which shows ‘trends’ or tendencies towards degenerative disease and illness which may be present in a person’s body.
Each tendency is a result of over 65 years of medical cellular nutrition research including statistical and Orthomolecular Treatment Clinical Observations.
These tendencies represent problems that may be developing at a molecular level before they show up as a physical symptom.

The objective is through regular mineral analysis testing and following the specific designs of foods and supplements from the nutrition testing laboratory,
that these illness and disease tendencies gradually diminish and disappear from your personal profile.
This is ‘systems-based medicine’ (body systems that work together to create wellness) that demonstrates exactly how you are progressing
with whatever your health goal whether it be for healing from illness, disease prevention, to move well or athletic performance.

While this Tendency Sheet can be considered a ‘look into your own regenerative wellness possibilities,’
it is a reference for your doctor and should not be considered a diagnosis of a medical condition.

Further investigation may be indicated, based on your own clinical evaluation.

Move well with the Power of Cellular Nutrition. Feeling good is a balancing act.