Brain Evolving as Entertainment


In the rapidly progressing area of brain research, new models are evolving to incorporate the findings. The Lucid Brain Model is an integration of five different overlapping fields of study: 

the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury

Psychedelic Neurology
how psychedelics enhance the brain’s capacity for change, to optimize current treatments, create new treatments for enhanced mental functioning

Brain Priming
the brain is always trying to ‘make sense out of nonsense.’ It finds signals in the noise. Brain Priming works to optimize the search for new signals in the midst of that noise.

Sensory Enrichment
Sensory Enrichment (brains living in higher levels of sensory stimulation) makes even healthy brains happier and more adaptive to change. There are very promising benefits also in the fields of autism and dementia

Resonant Entertainment
a style of ‘feel good’ that ADDS to your well-being bank account. The pleasure and enjoyment evolve into deeper meaning and purpose which create a win-win experience.

Meditation Neurology
Meditation may be the ultimate Lucid Brain neuroplastic technique in which the Mind itself is used to shift and shape the brain: Focused Attention | Open Awareness | Loving Kindness / Compassion | Non-Dual Awareness


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