Unlock your body’s potential for super stem cells

StemEnhance ULTRA

In addition to the anti-aging and health benefits of StemEnhance ULTRA’s clinically tested ingredients, its superfood-based blend provides the body with 20 amino acids, 60 minerals and trace elements, as well as 14 vitamins.

Combines 3 key ingredients that encourage the body to RELEASE stem cells, SUPPORT renewal of healthy tissue, and REPAIR.

Cerule’s proprietary blend features Mesenkine, an extract from Spirulina regarded for its ability to balance stem cell function.

“I can’t believe how quickly I felt the sensational positive impact of taking StemEnhance ULTRA. It was only 3 weeks! What an amazing difference!”
– Tim M.

Backed by 18 years of research, multiple clinical trials and patents, Cerule’s StemEnhance ULTRA:

Supports healthy cell renewal and maintenance*
Supports the body’s innate ability to self-heal*

StemEnhance supports your body’s natural release of stem cells which helps:

Recovery and repair

Reduce inflammation

Strengthen the Immune System

Provide vital antioxidants

Improve Concentration

Enhance your mood

Increase Mental Stamina 

INGREDIENTS: Antioxidants, 14 Vitamins, 60 Minerals & Trace Elements, 20 Amino Acids

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