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Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression

Dr. Jeffrey James

Dr. James has created a centralized protocol that enables patients to avoid the routine of shuffling back and forth between primary care physicians, specialists, and other therapists which can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary treatment approach for chronic sufferers, Dr. James’ approach enables each patient to have access to specialists from a variety of fields, working together as a team. As this integrated program gives patients easier access to multiple providers, their compliance increases and the result is more successful treatment outcomes.

Dr. James is regularly called upon as an expert on TV and radio and has appeared on shows such as Geraldo, Dateline, KLOS, KLSX and KFI. He hosted, “Talking Back” on KTLA. He is a much in demand speaker throughout the US on chiropractic neurology approaches to the causes of pain and physiological dysfunction. Dr. James has successfully treated and inspired thousands with his knowledge, warmth and personal touch as well as his no-nonsense and highly effective approach to healing.

Dr. Jeffrey James, holds degrees in Doctor of chiropractic D.C., B.S. in Microbiology and is a Board certified chiropractic neurologist D.A.C.N.B. His Post Graduate education includes being Board eligible as a Fellow in Functional Neurology FACFN / as a Fellow in Neuro Chemistry and Nutrition FABNN, CABNN and as a Fellow in Vestibular Rehabilitation FABVR. He has completed sub-specialty training in functional medicine, blood chemistry, neurotransmitters, functional endocrinology, thyroid disorders and autoimmunity.

Dr. James and his staff represent the Gold Standard in pain relief and management for Advanced BioCell clients.