Fish Oil EFAs Purified & Balanced



For Brain Power, Diabetes, Arthritis, ADHD, and Healthy Blood Pressure

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Experts from the National Institutes of Health, John Hopkins and Harvard have said, “… all major cell alterations that predispose each one of us to almost every major chronic disease in America today can be traced to inadequate dietary consumption of fatty acids.”

EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 & 3)
- Plus EPA/DHA w/ Sesame Lignans, Olive Extract, Krill & Astaxanthin

The Top Most Scientifically-Proven Benefits of Fish Oil

ADHD – Can help reduce common symptoms of ADHD: inattention, hyperactivity, restlessness and impulsive behavior."

COGNITIVE FUNCTION – According to researchers, “Fish oil is believed to work via its beneficial effects on brain function."

ANXIETY – Fish oil reversed all anxiety-like and depression-like behavior changes induced in rats. This stresses the importance of supplementing with fish oil at “critical periods of brain development,” which is why we should give it to our kids from early on.

ARTHRITIS – Taking fish oil, “exhibits significant reductions” in disease activity.

ALZHEIMER'S – The fish oil and Alzheimer’s connection has been shown consistent results: the essential fatty acids vital for brain function found in fish oil can slow cognitive decline, and can help prevent bran atrophy in older adults.

CANCER – Fish oil has been found to help kill various cancers including colon, prostate and breast. Research has proven that it makes conventional cancer drugs more effective and is also an effective standalone therapy.

DEPRESSION – The effects of fish oil supplementation in adolescents with major depressive disorders, there was a 40% decrease in major depression disorder symptoms in addition to marked improvements in amino acid and nutrition content in the brain.

DIABETES – Fish oil helps reduce the risk of diabetics from developing cognitive deficit as it protects the hippocampus cells from destroying. Studies also show that fish oil can help reverse one of the root causes of type II diabetes, oxidative stress.

EYE DISORDERS – Fish oil has been shown to reverse dry eye, age-related eye disorders like cataracts.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE – The Cardiovascular Research Institute in Maastricht in Netherlands reports, “Studies showed that various polyunsaturated fatty acids (FA) have beneficial effects on CVD outcome.”

IMMUNE COMPROMISE – When the antioxidant Astaxanthin is combined with fish oil, the immune boosting power is multiplied.


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