NanoVi™ helps repair everyday cell damage caused by what you eat, what you breathe, what you are exposed to and oxidative stress.

The NanoVi device is designed to address free radical damage. It produces a bioidentical signal equivalent to the signal the body produces naturally. This initiates the repair and protection mechanisms in cells to counteract oxidative stress (internal ‘rusting’) damage caused by free radicals.

The result is improved cellular activity

NanoVi™ helps, non-invasively to keep up with everyday cell damage without chemicals.

Every cell needs oxygen and glucose. The mitochondria of a cell (cellular engines) convert glucose and oxygen to energy (Oxygen Metabolism = ATP). This is an on-going essential process in our cells.

The normal and inevitable byproduct of oxygen metabolism is highly reactive oxygen radicals known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

These ROS molecules act in one of two distinct ways: Oxidative Stress and Oxidative Response.

Oxidative Stress are ROS molecules that act as free radicals harming cells causing cell damage.

When cell components are damaged it leads to reduced:

• Oxygen Utilization
• Uptake of Nutrition
• Cell Energy Production
• Detoxification

The binding of free radicals will degrade or destroy cellular function. A single strand of DNA is damaged by free radicals more than 500,000 times per day.

This damage leads to:
• Age-related Chronic Diseases
• Reduced Vitality
• Slower Regeneration
• Weaker Immunity
• Reduced Mental Performance
• Reduced Physical Performance

Oxidative Response is needed to counterbalance cellular damage caused by oxidative stress.

Oxidative Response molecules act as ‘Second Messengers’  which are signaling molecules that initiate the protection and repair of cells. 

Oxidative Response has an essential and positive impact on cellular activity. It is when the ROS emits biological signals for repair reestablishing proper cellular activity in present and future cell generations. This repair enhances our health, wellness, aging and performance.   
Benefits of increased cellular activity:
• Preventing Chronic Disorders
• Improving Detoxification
• Accelerating Regeneration
• Slowing the Aging Process
• Supports Mental Performance
• Improved Physical Performance

Bioidentical signaling uses the science of cell signaling in a drug-free approach to improving cellular activity. NanoVi technology emits precisely the SAME signal as the ROS that act as Second Messengers. This signal is transmitted through a humidified air stream inhaled through a nasal cannula or flex arm attachment.
The signal is further transmitted to the cells of the body through the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth and lungs. The bioidentical signal immediately cascades (just as does electricity or ultrasound), throughout the entire body.

NanoVi Bioidentical Signaling Technology was developed to assist the body’s Oxidative Response. These devices help trigger repair and rejuvenation counterbalancing the damage of Oxidative Stress to improve cellular activity and vitality.

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