Conventional medicine means well, yet with all the medical mishaps one has to wonder: is Personalized Cellular Nutrition is safer?

Integrated natural medicine is a growing field of medicine based on a doctor-client partnership in which both conventional and alternative treatments are used to stimulate the body’s natural potential for self healing. Instead of just prescribing a medication for a symptom, there is an investigation into lifestyle and diet together with an evaluation into body chemistry measurements to determine how an illness or disease may have developed.

From there any number of natural and conventional therapies can be used based on ‘knowing instead of guessing,’ what would be the most beneficial Orthomolecular Treatment. Regenerative wellness uses foods, vitamins and ‘alternate approaches’ such as chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, therapeutic massage, meditation and other types of ‘energy medicine.’

Highlighting the differences in approaches, the statistics on the ‘proper use of prescription medications’ are frightening and staggering.

The enormous rates of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, autism, arthritis, diabetes and many more diseases demonstrate perhaps most profoundly how ineffective and even dangerous are conventional approaches to health.

More than 150K people die each year, in the hospital from the ‘proper use of prescription medications.’ In a statistical comparison of frequent causes of death in the U.S.:

47% of deaths per year are due to cardiovascular disease (1 in 2 people in the U.S.)
22.11% from cancer (1 in 3)
5.18% from properly prescribed medications
2.40% from preventable medical misadventure
.0001% the number of people that die from vitamins

Greater than 26,000 times more people die from medical misadventures and properly prescribed and used drugs than from cellular nutrition in the form of nutraceutical supplements.

Is integrated natural medicine safer?

There’s an article from The Week magazine from April 23, 2010 that shows even more of the problem.

It reports that prescription drug use is up — and so is the number of deaths and hospitalizations from them. A recent study by medical researchers at West Virginia University combed through data from almost 8 million hospital admissions every year over seven years.

The number of people who’d overdosed on sedatives, tranquilizers and opioids, which are typically prescribed for pain, rose 65% between 1999 and 2006. Accidental deaths from these drugs jumped by 37% during the same period, while intentional overdoses rose by an alarming 130%. Prescription drugs are “as powerful, addictive and dangerous as heroin,” study author Jeffery Cohen tells Scientific American. “When you combine them with other sedatives, that mix can become particularly lethal.”

Many experts feel the drugs in the US and throughout the world, are over-prescribed.

So, is personalized cellular nutrition safer? You decide.

Ask your body what it needs to move well, heal and feel good. We’ll tell you what it says.