Exosome Benefits

Exosome therapy is a regenerative medicine protocol which uses tissues (cell vesicles) that may repair, replace, or restore biological structures and functions that are lacking due to aging, disease, or wearing out.

Advanced BioCell Medical, uses one of the purest and most advanced form of regenerative medicine, called Exosomes. They have shown to combat pain, stress, chronic illnesses, and disease. Research shows that Exosomes can respond to weaknesses found in the body, repair organ and nerve damage, and transform to meet the needs of other vital cells necessary for healthy immune function.

These cells are currently center stage in national and international biological and medical research. During the last five years, the use of stem cells has expanded from laboratory research and animal experiments to treatment and applications in humans. There is extensive documentation 

in a wide array of national and international academic literature with many research centers having reported successful therapies for various illnesses as well as regenerative procedures.

Exosomes can be administered via injection to target specific joint damage and rebuild cartilage in a specific area. This one-two punch of tissue regeneration and immune re-calibration is one of the most powerful treatments available worldwide.