For all animal lovers there is a scientifically precise health management program for dog nutrition and horse nutrition. Much like human nutrition, animal nutrition is a “heated topic” in today’s world of health crises because our pets are suffering needlessly from a progressive epidemic of degenerative disease – just like we are. Some of these illnesses include heart disease, arthritis, cancer and premature aging – the list goes on… just like humans.

In addition to all of this, toxins our body’s store; mineral, vitamin and cell-regulator imbalances, which are the cause of these degenerative diseases, are at an all-time high according to a world-leading medical cellular nutrition testing laboratory created by Dr. David Watts D.C., PhD., F.A.C.E.P. Dr. Watts pioneered and spear-headed the nutritional science movement behind livestock management, thorough-bred horse performance enhancement and canine health. His and other specialized labs provide advanced nutritional testing bio-technologies with clinically proven, scientifically individualized feed and supplement Orthomolecular Treatment programs from as far back as the early 1900s.

The Purina Dog Chow Study extended the average lifespan of dogs by 2 years simply by increasing the intake of higher quality, lower toxic, more nutrient dense food. Using actual dog nutrition tests to individually detect and reset nutritional and toxic imbalances animal by animal provides even dramatically more positive outcomes.

Dog and horse nutrition has scientifically proven that by precisely controlling nutrients, cell regulators and toxicants in animals (just as in humans), the result is increased longevity, more energetic and active, healthy and drug-free animals. These same laboratory tests show that animals (and humans) suffer from multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, excesses, and toxic chemicals all of which traditional medical and veterinary tests fail to measure or address. Yet, it is these very same imbalances that directly or indirectly affect all degenerative diseases and response to infections. Simply put, the more imbalances there are, the more disease and shorter the lifespan along with a lowered quality of life. With fewer imbalances, the animal (or human) will be healthier, more energetic and active and will enjoy a longer lifespan.

A 21 year government funded Department of Agriculture study: An Evaluation of Research in the U.S. on Human Nutrition was conducted by every state college and land grant college in the U.S. from 1950 to 1971 (as a human follow-up study to previous animal studies). The conclusion of this study states, “major health problems are diet-related …the solution to illness can be found in nutrition… (which) is preventative in that nutrition may defer or modify the development of a disease state.” These conclusions were based on exact scientific mineral analysis testing – a reset system Advanced BioCell provides for dogs and horses – as well as humans.

A scientifically precise dog nutrition and horse nutrition program that effectively maximizes your animal’s well-being and longevity is available. The Advanced BioCell Reset system for dog and horse nutrition is based on the world’s most comprehensive and fundamental nutritional biochemistry measurements for humans and animals – hair analysis.

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