Deuterium Depletion

What Is Deuterium Depletion and How Could It Save My Life?

Hydrogen comes in two flavors. The hydrogen you know which is actually called protium.
And deuterium which has all of the same properties as hydrogen except it’s twice as heavy.

This is due to an added neutron to go with the proton in the nucleus.

Because of this, deuterium is also referred to as “Heavy Hydrogen”.

In nature, deuterium helps things grow. For example, high levels of deuterium is biologically desirable in babies, teenagers, and growing plants and animals.

But once you stop growing, having too much deuterium in your cells can lead to premature aging, metabolic problems, and disease.

Deuterium is like thick, gluggy oil — when you put thick oil into an engine, the engine sputters, makes strange noises, and eventually breaks.

Evolution has put systems in place to deplete deuterium and protect the “little engines” in our cell’s mitochondria called nanomotors
from coming in contact with this thick oil.

However, the side effects of a modern life – pollution, toxins, ‘drinking water,’ polluted air, processed foods, inactivity, stressed and unhealthy lifestyles, etc. –
have resulted in many people having way too much deuterium accumulated inside their cells.
This results in an inability to effectively deplete deuterium and the destruction of our nanomotors.

This starts a vicious cycle of deuterium building up and breaking more of our nanomotors. Less nanomotors means less energy and more sickness and disease.

The Mission

To help doctors achieve better clinical outcomes

To help people who are already healthy, stay healthy

To help patients beat and then recover from chronic illnesses

To help athletes improve their performance


We use the amount of deuterium in biological fluids, tissue, and organs as a road map to health and a way to predict clinical outcomes. Your therapy starts with determining how much deuterium is in the body and ends when we can be certain that we’ve removed harmful levels of deuterium from your body. Once we have accomplished that, your body will then begin to deplete deuterium on its own. All our therapies are best done in partnership with a physician or healthcare professional.

Advanced BioCell is a certified Deuterium Depletion Advisor

We can refer you to a Center for Deuterium Depletion trained clinician to manage your metabolic restoration while we can help manage your illness.

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